Baked Apples

You know when people say ” It’s healthy and good.” but really it should just say “It’s healthy…”. This recipe, believe it or not, really is healthy and good! Plus you could get a good Instagram off of these! I’m excited to share how to make these baked apples!

IMG_2017-2Preheat the oven to 350. Cover cookie sheets in aluminum foil. (two apples can fit on each sheet.)

IMG_1988-2 IMG_1991-4

Take a knife and cut the top (and bottom if needed to stand) of the apple off. Then scoop out the insides with a spoon.


At the bottom of the apple put a scoop of almond or hazelnut butter, this is the best part of the apple! Next I like to put blueberries on top of that.

IMG_2004-2 IMG_2008-2

Sprinkle coconut shreds on top of that and on top of that  I like to drizzle honey just to add some moisture.

Put those in for about 20 minutes then you can eat!

IMG_2015-2I love making these because there easy, good for me, and you can really experiment with what you put in the apple! I hope you try these out!

Love Always, Lucy


June Favorites

Welcome back to my  blog! I hope your having a great day, if not then I’m sorry. Hopefully a good ol’ June favorites will cheer you up! ( I haven’t had any caffeine today I promise).

IMG_2038Fashion Favorites  

I have just a tiny bit of an obsession with these boat shoes! I’ve been wanting some boat shoes for a while now and I saw these at Kohls and I swear we made eye contact and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size but I ordered it online, no regrets!

Boat Shoes


Beauty Loves

It’s summer so I should be wearing brighter nails which means, naturally, I’m wearing the dullest nails that I can but I love it! This month I’ve loved nude nails! I just like how simple and classy they are! (Wow words!)

I’ve discovered a new chapstick. It works like any other chapstick but what I really like about it is that its gluten free, all natural, and cruelty free which are all very important to me.

I got a new powder this month by Physicians Formula. It is half transparent powder and half fair. I love this powder because it looks so natural yet it still has good coverage. I have kind of been using this as a foundation lately!

Nail Polish  Chapstick  Powder


Other Great Things

In the summer time people tend to forget what the day of the week it is (guilty as charged) but I’ve been using my planner and its really helped me stay on top of everything including knowing whether its Monday or Wednesday.

My new DIY cork board! As you may already know I did a DIY  post over how to make this United States cork board map and I love the extra layer it adds to my room!



I think this will always be a favorite for the rest of time. I just finished the Harry Potter series and I’m in love! If you have not read the harry potter series you need to get on it because J.K Rowling such an amazing, creative author. I just cannot express how good it is.


Although I don’t think any soundtrack will beat Wicked, this month I’ve been exclusively listening to the Into the Woods soundtrack on spotify and I love it! Every song I really enjoy so I really suggest giving it a listen!

Love Always, Lucy

Gluten Free Breakfast Pizza


I’ve been inspired to make a breakfast pizza  so I thought I’d show you how I made this (delicious) gluten-free hash brown breakfast pizza!



5 cups of gluten free frozen grated hash browns, thawed

2 room temperature eggs

1/4 cup of parmesan cheese

1/2 teaspoon dried rosemary

2 tablespoons cornstarch

1/2  teaspoon salt



Start off by preheating the oven to 425 degrees.

line two baking sheets with aluminum foil and spray with vegetable spray.

IMG_1820-2 IMG_1807 IMG_1809-2 IMG_1813 (2) IMG_1816

Combine potatoes, eggs, cheese, cornstarch, rosemary, salt, and pepper. (mix between adding each ingredient).


I divided the mixture into 4 equal parts and with my hands made two pizza’s on each sheet.


Place in preheated oven for about 20 minutes.


This is the fun part! You can really experiment with this! Personally I’m a little weird and I like to put yogurt and strawberries on mine but I think cheddar cheese and scrambled eggs are really good too so just experiment and have fun with it!


I hope you enjoyed (the post and pizza!) and I’ll see you soon!

Love Always, Lucy

DIY United States Cork Board Map

IMG_1783 (2)IMG_1787

I think this post deserves a celebration or a moment of silence or something because this is the first DIY on my blog! As featured on my last post, Travel Bucket list , I am excited to share with you how to make this DIY United States cork board map! It’s easy for a cork board to start looking messy and just an eye soar, this is a different sort of way to design a  cork board that will keep it clean and (not to toot my own horn or anything) make you look like a pintrest goddess!


Obviously your going to need a cork board , it can be any size. I got mine from Micheals.  Then I just printed off a stencil of the United States and made it a little smaller than the cork board.


Using the stencil,I picked out a different design from this American Crafts scrapbook paper pad for each state. Since there are only 36 designs in this scrapbook paper pad and there are fifty states some states had the same design on them which, I think, makes it look more put together rather than if every state had a different design.

IMG_1769 IMG_1772 IMG_1775IMG_1782-2

When I figured out where I wanted every thing to go I then cut out Maine from the stencil and traced it onto the scrapbook paper so that I could cut it out. Then I cut along where I drew and pinned it to the cork board. (for Rhode Island and some of Hawaii’s smaller islands I used double sided tape). I repeated this for each state forming the United States on the cork board as I went.


Finally, after I pinned each state onto the cork board it’s ready to hang up!

This DIY is definitely time consuming, easy, but time consuming. Sometimes that’s good though, if you want to do something to take up time but still productive! It also adds a great feature to a room! I hope you enjoyed, if you do make this tweet it to me @LoveAlways_Lucy! If you want me to do more DIY posts make sure to like and I will see you next time!

Love Always, Lucy

Travel Bucket list

There are a good amount of pins on Pintrest of places I want to go in my lifetime so I thought I’d share some with you! Also  I would love for you to comment some of the places you really want to go!

IMG_1783 (2)

New York has always been at the top of the list for me. There would be so many great photo opportunities and so many people with interesting stories there! When I do go there I’m going to have to see a production on Broadway just because I’m so obsessed with musical theater and I know it will be the highlight of the trip!

IMG_1790 (2)

Some other place I would love to go to is Greece and Rome. All the pictures I see just look so beautiful! I love old buildings and again it would just be a great photo opportunity. A thing I would have to see is the Colosseam  in Rome! I think it would be such a surreal experience. I also took a small Greek Mythology class so I think it would be a great learning experience as well.

Colorado. Although I have been to Colorado before it has always been in the summer time and I would really like to learn to ski. Even though I would spend most of my time falling rather than skiing and I’d come home with several bruises I would like to try it!


I read a book recently that took place in Brighton and really made me want to go. It sounds like such an adorable place with such cute little shops!

I don’t know if you know if you read the blog Wish Wish Wish but It is run by a  girl named Carrie who recently went to Tokyo! Her blog post and snap story made me really interested in going to Tokyo! (Is it weird that I feel like I have to put an exclamation point behind Tokyo!?) I think it would be fun to experience a  different culture and see all of the different styles and buildings (also they have a cat cafe so basically… I’m sold).

London seems like the most fabulous, beautiful place in the world. Plus Kings Cross Station is there (which, if you didn’t know, is where Platform 9 3/4 is located. If you don’t know what Platform 9 3/4 is how dare you!). Also I would love to see Big Ben and the London Eye which again, like all of these places, would be great photo opportunity!

My dad lived in South Africa for two years with Peace Core and he has an African family over there and I would love to meet them and experience their culture. I imagine it would be a very life changing experience.

Those are some of many places I would like to go! Don’t forget to comment some places you would like to go or if you have any suggestions for things I should write about feel free to comment! If I do happen to go any of these places I will make sure to blog about it and I will see you soon!

P.S if you would like to see the DIY featured in this post stay tuned for next weeks post!

Love Always, Lucy

My Best Freind

My best friend is a little bit different from most peoples’ as in he’s not a person. His name is Timmy. Yes, he’s a dog and he’s a big part of my life so it would be crazy not to include him in my blog.

IMG_1559 (2)

I’ve found that when people see dogs they don’t have the ability to talk like a normal person. Everyone seems to have a certain voice that their brain tells them they have to use as long as there’s a dog within ten feet of them. As this happens there is a series of questions people ask so I thought I’d start out by answering those.

Q: How old is she!?

A: 2 1/2 (human) years old and he’s a boy.

Q: Is he trained?

A: Yes he went threw a years worth of training

Q: Roll over! Why isn’t he rolling?

A: He doesn’t really know how to do that.

Q: What breed is he?

A: He is a Golden Retriever with a bit of lab in him.

IMG_1558 (2)

How I got him

Like every child that ever existed I used to bug my parents about getting a puppy. As I look back I realize that I was one of the most annoying little girls and I feel sorry for anyone who was within a mile of little Lucy but after dealing with me for years my parents caved in and got me Timmy as a Christmas present. It was kind of sad because the people who we were buying him from lived quite a long ways away and they didn’t want him to pee or poop in their car. Their solution to that problem was quite cruel and they didn’t feed or water him. Timmy was very skinny and dehydrated and now he is not fat but just a little, y’know, fluffy.


One of Timmy’s favorite things to do is play with the frisbee. He is quite the, as the hip teens would say, “boss”at the frisbee. It is so fun to see him jump up and catch it some four, five feet in the air. Fun fact! We almost named him Frisbee!

IMG_1736 (2)

Is he a dog though?

I’m convinced that Timmy’s convinced that he isn’t a dog. He does this thing we like to call ‘talking’. If you’ve ever seen that video of the husky saying “I love you” to it’s owner, that’s kind of how it sounds. When we put the other dogs out he just lays down like ” I’ll be chillin’ over he while you put those dogs out.”. Another thing he does is he sort of sits like a human too. Although we don’t let the dogs on the couch he decided “Nope, I’m going to sit up here with you guys”. He sits, his back straight, right next to us as if he was watching t.v. too.

IMG_1565 (2)

That’s it for today’s post, I hope you enjoyed! I’m really excited about the next post so stay tuned!

Love Always, Lucy