Getting in the Christmas Spirit


As a wise elf once said “CHRISTMAS!!!” This is my favorite (and most wonderful) time of the year! There’s the cozy fires , Aunt Debby’s just wonderful fruit cake, and spending time with the people you love. I happen to celebrate Christmas which is why today post is a Christmas themed post (incase you haven’t guessed already) Now, I’m going to admit in shame that my last post was a Halloween post so you can assume that I’m a little off schedule. With school starting I’ve been a little overwhelmed but now it’s Christmas break and almost a new year so I’m going to try to have a consistent posting schedule.

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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

To be honest here for the past couple years I’ve been having a little bit of a holiday depression. This year though I am pumped for christmas. I’ve been skipping around singing jingle bells in my ugly christmas sweater and probably annoying everyone around me because christmas is only 3 advent calendar chocolates away! If  you’re having a little trouble getting in the christmas spirit this year I’d suggest to stop setting expectations for feeling christmasy and just letting the whiff of christmas come to you!

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Christmas Essentialz

A heart is always nice to have in the Christmas/Holiday season. It comes in quite handy! A smile at a stranger can totally change their mood. For me the Holiday season is about love. Getting it, feeling it, and exerting it.

Another essential equally as important is fluffy socks! This year my friend Clauddia got me a pair of fluffy socks and I love them! If you’re looking for a gift to give someone I think fluffy socks are on everyones list to the big guy whether they know it or not.

EGG NOG! Egg nog is the most important holiday essential of them all! Watching Elf next to the fire with a cup of egg nog is my favorite part of Christmas! May I suggest the Braums egg nog? It blows the rest of the nogs out of the  park.

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 Gift Ideas

When giving people presents I like to come up with a theme and put together a basket of things relating to that theme. For example this year for my Mother I decided to put together a lazy day off kit. I put a fluffy blanket and some really fluffy slippers. Then I added a movie and some face masks. You could also do things like Harry Potter or Star wars if your friend is into a fandom.

Hope you enjoyed this and got some Christmas inspiration! Happy Holidays!

Love Always, Lucy