Trick Or Treating; How Old is too Old


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So I’ve been going threw a little bit of a Harry Potter obsession lately and I decided that for Halloween this year I wanted to be a Hogwarts student to which my mother said “Aren’t you a little to old for trick or treating.” This is when I lectured her about how you can never be to old for anything because then your living life through insecurities. This conversation made me wonder what other people thought about this subject. Naturally, I looked it up online. Most of the people said that the time to stop was between 13 and 14 but I decided that I wanted to ask a different group of people than a bunch of parents worried about their kids dental hygiene. I asked the victims (kids between 13 and 14) what they thought the age limit was for trick or treating.

A whopping 73% of the people that I asked said that your never to old to Trick or treat. Only 13% said you should stop around 13 or 14 and 6% said at age 8 or 9. So go out there ringing door bells with a sheet over your head and live your life! Happy Halloween!

Love Always, Lucy