Lucy’s Library #1: Walk Two Moons & Out of my Mind

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I’m definitely the kind of person that, no matter how many times I’m told not to, judges a book by its cover so if I hadn’t been suggested it I probably never would have picked out Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. It’s a two part story about an Indian girl named Salamanca on a road trip with her grandparents, (and although I despise road trips even I would like to go on one with her grandparents) while they’re  driving  Salamanca (or Sal) tells the story of a girl named Pheobe who happens to have a very similar story to herself. Although this book is a little slow at first once it got going I couldn’t stop reading! (I may have gotten a little too into it, sniff sniff) This book definitely makes you think and I really enjoyed it!

Once I finished Walk Two Moons I went to the library and check out                 Out of My Mind  by Sharon Draper. Although I just started it it’s already totally changed the way I look at the disabled and I have a feeling once I finish I will be recommending it to everyone!

Love Always, Lucy