Thinking Positive


Yes, I’m that annoying person that gets excited when school starts. I can’t help it! The idea of a brand new year and a fresh start with new opportunities!  Yes, some people see it as more work and having to get up really early, which is true but there’s so much more than just that! There’s opportunity, chances, and learning! So think positive about life! You’d be surprised at what you get out of it!

I really didn’t know what to write for today’s post so I just sat down and started typing, I hope you enjoyed and start thinking in better way!

Love Always, Lucy



IMG_2583 (2)-3Meditation has the reputation of being some weird thing with candles and chanting and maybe even a rosary hanging on the wall but although there is some of that there is so much more to meditation.

I don’t try to transport to past lives or different universes but I do try to meditate everyday. There are so many types of meditation but really there is no right way to meditate. I choose to use meditation to help me have peace of mind and more positive thinking, to do this I use the Headspace app.


With Headspace you start off with a free 10 day program which just teaches you how to get your mind and body in the state of meditation then you can pick the things you want to improve on or be more happier doing whether that be performance, relationships, or even simple things like cooking. There are so many cool features  to Headspace that I could talk about forever but here is a video that probably explains it much better than I do!

Although I haven’t been able to meditate everyday I have been able to stay on it for the most part and I’ve noticed when I do it makes a world of a difference on my mood and how I look at the day! Thank you for reading!

Love Always, Lucy