What I Eat in a Day

IMG_2361 (2)-2Breakfast  

Breakfast is the perfect chance to start off the day right  which is probably why its my favorite (and most important) meal of the day! This is one of my favorite breakfasts to make because it’s so quick yet healthy and delicious at the same time! All I did was toast some gluten free bread and spread my favorite almond butter then topped it off with some cut up strawberries!



As a little snack I decided on some yogurt. I added  Udi’s  gluten free granola for some crunch and I also really like to add blueberries a lot of the time!


This is a new recipe we thought up and it’s absolutely delicious so I thought I’d quickly show you how I made it! First you boil some water and put some noodles in it to soak and cook. Whilst this is happening you put chicken, squash mix (squash, yellow squash, and zucchini) , and   the amount of  gluten free teriyaki sauce you prefer in a skillet on the stove and just toss it around a little bit (to be extremely scientific). When you feel the noodles are done you drain out the water and add the noodles to the skillet with some more gluten free teriyaki sauce and you cook until the noodles are brown-ish (I don’t speak cook) then voila! You have gluten free teriyaki squash meal… (again I don’t speak cook)


I was having a little bit of a craving for a smoothie so I made this tropical greens smoothie that I saw on Mary Elizabeth’s channel.  I made this with spinach, coconut shreds, frozen pineapple, frozen banana (so that you do not need Ice), almond milk, and I would usually decide to also add some Arobonne Essentials protein powder, fiber, and maybe some green balance but I saw  a blog post about some controversy over whether Arobonne essentials is really gluten free so I decided to take a little break on that.


I was a little lazy and in a rush to make it in time to watch  a Spamalot  performance (it was amazingly funny by the way!) so I decided to make a really quick meal and I opted for a baked potato (and I may or may not of taken a bight before I took a picture…)

 IMG_2482-2 IMG_2492-2 IMG_2468-2

Pig Out

At the end of the day I like to pig out a little bit (although the cones do say naturally healthy so it’s justified…right?) and I had some Mediterranean Mint geloto (asdfghjkl) in my favorite brand of gluten free ice cream cones!

 I thought I’d do this post to maybe give you some ideas on what to make or perhaps if it interest you. I may do more of these in the future it depends on what you think so make sure to comment!

Love Always, Lucy


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