Resting your voice


Recently I’ve been having trouble maintaining a healthy voice whilst participating in an Into the Woods musical production, singing lessons, and just daily shower belting. I thought I’d share some things I’ve discovered that have helped me manage an active voice!

Staying Hydrated This is an obvious, but great one. Drinking lots of water can help you in so many ways physically and mentally!  Also steaming regularly is a great way to keep your vocal chords healthy.

Don’t talk Yes, I’m aware of how dumb this sounds and of how obvious it is but scheduling a monk-like silence every  4 performances or so will let your voice rest.

Teas and honey. Both help with resisting colds which is great! I’ve also found that honey soothes my voice really well. What I like to do is make caffeine free black tea (which obviously also has water in it.) and I add some honey so it kills three birds with one stone and it also taste amazing.  

Tip: The darker the honey the more nutritious!

Avoid caffeine and dairy This can be tough. I’m not much of a coffee or soda person so caffeine isn’t too hard for me but ice cream is tough to say no to. Luckily Almond Dream is a great substitute! Dairy can cause you to have too much phlegm or mucus (eww) which isn’t great while singing.

Those are some things I do to rest my voice, I hope you found this helpful and you put it in action!

Thank you for reading and sticking with me as I learn to improve my blog!

Love Always, Lucy


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