Baked Apples

You know when people say ” It’s healthy and good.” but really it should just say “It’s healthy…”. This recipe, believe it or not, really is healthy and good! Plus you could get a good Instagram off of these! I’m excited to share how to make these baked apples!

IMG_2017-2Preheat the oven to 350. Cover cookie sheets in aluminum foil. (two apples can fit on each sheet.)

IMG_1988-2 IMG_1991-4

Take a knife and cut the top (and bottom if needed to stand) of the apple off. Then scoop out the insides with a spoon.


At the bottom of the apple put a scoop of almond or hazelnut butter, this is the best part of the apple! Next I like to put blueberries on top of that.

IMG_2004-2 IMG_2008-2

Sprinkle coconut shreds on top of that and on top of that  I like to drizzle honey just to add some moisture.

Put those in for about 20 minutes then you can eat!

IMG_2015-2I love making these because there easy, good for me, and you can really experiment with what you put in the apple! I hope you try these out!

Love Always, Lucy


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