June Favorites

Welcome back to my  blog! I hope your having a great day, if not then I’m sorry. Hopefully a good ol’ June favorites will cheer you up! ( I haven’t had any caffeine today I promise).

IMG_2038Fashion Favorites  

I have just a tiny bit of an obsession with these boat shoes! I’ve been wanting some boat shoes for a while now and I saw these at Kohls and I swear we made eye contact and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size but I ordered it online, no regrets!

Boat Shoes


Beauty Loves

It’s summer so I should be wearing brighter nails which means, naturally, I’m wearing the dullest nails that I can but I love it! This month I’ve loved nude nails! I just like how simple and classy they are! (Wow words!)

I’ve discovered a new chapstick. It works like any other chapstick but what I really like about it is that its gluten free, all natural, and cruelty free which are all very important to me.

I got a new powder this month by Physicians Formula. It is half transparent powder and half fair. I love this powder because it looks so natural yet it still has good coverage. I have kind of been using this as a foundation lately!

Nail Polish  Chapstick  Powder


Other Great Things

In the summer time people tend to forget what the day of the week it is (guilty as charged) but I’ve been using my planner and its really helped me stay on top of everything including knowing whether its Monday or Wednesday.

My new DIY cork board! As you may already know I did a DIY  post over how to make this United States cork board map and I love the extra layer it adds to my room!



I think this will always be a favorite for the rest of time. I just finished the Harry Potter series and I’m in love! If you have not read the harry potter series you need to get on it because J.K Rowling such an amazing, creative author. I just cannot express how good it is.


Although I don’t think any soundtrack will beat Wicked, this month I’ve been exclusively listening to the Into the Woods soundtrack on spotify and I love it! Every song I really enjoy so I really suggest giving it a listen!

Love Always, Lucy


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