DIY United States Cork Board Map

IMG_1783 (2)IMG_1787

I think this post deserves a celebration or a moment of silence or something because this is the first DIY on my blog! As featured on my last post, Travel Bucket list , I am excited to share with you how to make this DIY United States cork board map! It’s easy for a cork board to start looking messy and just an eye soar, this is a different sort of way to design a  cork board that will keep it clean and (not to toot my own horn or anything) make you look like a pintrest goddess!


Obviously your going to need a cork board , it can be any size. I got mine from Micheals.  Then I just printed off a stencil of the United States and made it a little smaller than the cork board.


Using the stencil,I picked out a different design from this American Crafts scrapbook paper pad for each state. Since there are only 36 designs in this scrapbook paper pad and there are fifty states some states had the same design on them which, I think, makes it look more put together rather than if every state had a different design.

IMG_1769 IMG_1772 IMG_1775IMG_1782-2

When I figured out where I wanted every thing to go I then cut out Maine from the stencil and traced it onto the scrapbook paper so that I could cut it out. Then I cut along where I drew and pinned it to the cork board. (for Rhode Island and some of Hawaii’s smaller islands I used double sided tape). I repeated this for each state forming the United States on the cork board as I went.


Finally, after I pinned each state onto the cork board it’s ready to hang up!

This DIY is definitely time consuming, easy, but time consuming. Sometimes that’s good though, if you want to do something to take up time but still productive! It also adds a great feature to a room! I hope you enjoyed, if you do make this tweet it to me @LoveAlways_Lucy! If you want me to do more DIY posts make sure to like and I will see you next time!

Love Always, Lucy


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