Hair Care

I’ve been growing out my hair recently so I thought I’d share what I’ve found helped my hair grow and be healthy.

Wet brush

I mentioned this in my 2015 April Favorites post. This helps keep your hair from pulling out if you have a problem with that. I really recommend this because its amazing! You don’t even have to use it on just wet hair, I know it’s kind of breaking the rules and defeats the whole purpose but you do you!




Trimming your hair about every two months keeps your hair healthy so that it can grow. I know when you go and their saying you have to cut an inch off  its frustrating and your like ‘I worked hard to grow that!’ but you really need to cut off those dead ends to make it healthy enough to keep growing. If you continue to go about every two months you’ll only have to cut off about half an inch which isn’t that much considering how much your hair has grown in those two months.

Shampoo and Conditioner

The shampoo and conditioner I’ve found helped my hair grow the most is the Main n’ tail shampoo and conditioner. Although right now I’m not using it that’s just because I think in order for it to take full effect I should take a break but this  has helped my hair get thicker and grow faster


Cold Rinse

In the shower most people, including me, like to have hot water. Heat really isn’t that good for your hair so I’d recommend, when your done taking a shower, rinse your hair in cold water. You don’t have to do full on freezing water but pretty cold and just rinse your hair in it. This also helps you actually get out of the shower because when your running hot water it’ easy to stay in there forever so save water!


No heat

Like I said heat isn’t very good for your hair so if you really want to grow out your hair you should go heat free for a while. That means no hair curlers, no flat irons, and no hair dryers. If you’re reading this and saying ‘there is no way I’m going outside my house without using one of those’ then make sure to use heat protectant  spray! If you want to straighten it straighten it using a blow dryer! They are much less harsh on your hair than putting your hair in between  400 degree steel rods!


Putting your hair in a ponytail to much will break your hair, when you put your hair in  braid it’s not as tight on your hair. It also keeps your hair a little safer from the outside elements.


Drink lots of water!

This is something I could definitely improve on! Water helps your body lush out toxins better which will help your hair grow faster and make it stronger. Drinking lots of water will just make you more healthy in general. It will hydrate your skin and your hair so drinking water is always amazing for you!IMG_1497

I hope those tips help you out and I will see you soon!

Love Always, Lucy


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