April Favorites 2015

Yes! It’s May which means testing over and school is almost over.

IMG_1439 IMG_1440

Hair Care 

I, as I,ve mentioned in my March favorites, have been growing out my hair so I thought I’d buy a wet brush. It is amazing!  It helps not pull out hair when you brush it, and I have to say I didn’t expect it to work very well and now I use it, not only on my wet hair but when my hair is dry too just because its so much better than my other brushes.

So I’ve been making the difficult conversion to only wash my hair every other day so that the essential oils stay in my hair which means sometimes my hair gets really oily. To fix that problem I’ve been using Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo. My hair dresser recommended it to me and I love it! All I do is spray it close to the roots of where its most greasy and just sort of massage it into my head and it just takes the oil right out!



Its been getting warmer so I’ve done some summer shopping which has lead to many favorites.

First off I got some flip flops from old navy, they’re just plain red but that’s what I love about them! They just add a little pop of color which I love in any situation. I think it would especially look good if your wearing red lipstick to match your flip flops! They were on sale for 2 for 5 which surprised me because they’re actually really good quality!

So I also got from old navy a pair of shorts, which I love! They’re 100% cotton which means they’re incredibly confy! I just really like that style of shorts and think they’ll be great over the summer!

Okay so I promise I don’t buy a pair of sunglasses every month! I just happen to have last month and this month! So I bought a pair of sunglasses and I really like them! Most sunglasses are to big for my face and these aren’t way to big. They are a little big but not too noticeable.So they’re rimless at the bottom with a white subtle cat eye frame at the top which I love!

IMG_1436 (3)




I have really sensitive skin so it was tough to find a good cleanser and moisturizer but I finally found a pair that work fantastically together. So these are both drugstore products so there not very expensive and I’ve found great results! The cleanser is the equate beauty gentle skin cleanser. I put this on my skin at the end of the day every day and it does a really good job at  getting all the dirt and things out of my pores (gross I know) and keeping my skin clear.  The moisturizer I use is the Walgreens fragrance free moisture lotion which I couldn’t find online so sorry about that but you could probably just buy it in your local Walgreens because it’s their brand.This is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. Like I said, I have really sensitive skin and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all and its really moisturizing! Both of these come in huge containers so it will last me almost a year!



IMG_1285 (2) IMG_1286 (2)Yay me without makeup in high quality! 0740


The Purse essentials nail polish remover pads really are purse essentials! They are exactly what they sound like pads that remove your nail polish, this probably isn’t a new thing for you but I’ve always used cotton balls and a bottle of nail polish  remover to remove my nail polish so when I saw this I was like “Nail polish remover in pads! Genius!” One pad removes all of my nail polish on both hands and I’m just amazed.

IMG_1412  IMG_1408


As you saw in my last post, Little things that make you happy, I recently bought 1,033 reasons to smile. I just thought ‘how can I not put it in my favorites’ so that’s what I did!



I’m a little bit (Pronounced: a lot bit) of a nerd when it comes to musical theater. As in I know every lyric to every song in Wicked… I like to listen to the broadway soundtrack of musicals on spotify and this month I discovered Hairspray was on spotify so naturally I have been listening to it 24/7!


That’s it for my 2015 April favorites and I hope you enjoyed!

Love Always, Lucy


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