Little things that make you smile

So today’s post was inspired by a book I recently bought at barns and noble called 1,033 reasons to smile  which is such an adorable book! It makes me so happy, you should definitely check it out! So these are just little things that make me smile so I hope you enjoy!


Seeing the people next to you on the road singing as loud as they can. Have you ever looked beside you while driving and saw that the people next to you were rocking out?

Seeing people help other people. Giving you hope in humanity!

Peeling String Cheese. Self explanatory .

A light breeze. Eyes closed. Hair flowing.

Seeing someone you know drop something while they don’t know your looking. It just emphasizes their personality…

 The minutes after you first get into bed. It makes you feel all tingly!

Seeing dogs yawn. Their noses scrunch up!

Peeling off the whole sticker in one go. The satisfaction!

Seeing someone with a baby. Cant help it!

Finishing a big book. Aaaahhhhh

Feeling fresh and clean after a shower.

Eating cookie dough. But it taste so good!

Not being able to finish telling a story because your laughing so hard at the end of it. “Then—Then the—Then the waiter”

Not burning a marshmellow over the fire The perfect golden brown!

Spinning in a spinny chair. Weeeeeee!

This Post??? I hope this post put a smile on your face and it help you remember the little things are what really make you happy! If you did happen to like like this post you should check out 1,033 reasons to smile. Sorry this post didn’t have very many pictures in it  but I hope you enjoyed it anyway! See you soon

Love Always, Lucy


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