Being organized…or at least trying

Being organized has always been hard, for everyone but recently I have really putting in an effort to organize my  life… so basically that means I’ve color organized my nail polish… okay maybe I’ve branch out a little more than that! Here are my tips to being a little more organized. I hope it helps you out!


Have a daily planner! These are so very helpful! It makes it much easier to find time to do things and actually get things done. For example when I get home the go-to thing would be to lay on my bed and watch youtube, but if my planner says “take photos for blog post” I’ll do that instead, so it’s  very helpful. Also I can’t tell you how many times someone has asked me what I was doing one day and I’d just go blank. If you have a daily planner you don’t have to stare at them with your mouth open then finally say ” I don’t know”. So when it comes to organization a daily planner is definitely an essential.


Make list. I feel kind of snazzy because I actually made a list of things I was going to talk about on here so…just saying. ANYway lists, lists just help you get things done. Don’t just make lists like grocery lists but about things like books you want to read or things you want to buy in the next year. Also in a way, list help with goal setting which is always good!


Write down everything. This  is more of a mental thing. Writing things down just sort of straightens out your mind and helps you figure out what you think about that subject. I would suggest keeping a journal or diary or for me, I have this blog!


More Organized in school

Flash Cards. Flash cards are so helpful when studying because they cover all of the types of learning, visual (seeing it), hands on (writing it), and audio (saying it out loud). From personal experience this has really helped me with test and other things.

Tip: Use colored flash cards! They help you memorize better and there way more fun!


Dividers/Folders. This has helped me out more than any other of these tips so I highly recommend this! What I do is take dividers (or folders) and I have one for each of my classes plus one for homework. If I don’t finish something I put it in the homework folder (duh Lucy) then when I do my homework  I put it in the folder that’s labeled with the class that I need to turn it into so when I get to that class I only have to worry about that folder. It sounds pretty easy, and it is, but before I’d get overwhelmed with this big pile of stuff and I’d forget that I had something for homework.


An Agenda. So I kind of already said this one but use an agenda. Personally I use my daily planner as an agenda so I don’t have to carry around to separate books so if you have a test or something write it in your planner!


So I hope you enjoyed that and you don’t think I’m a total geek! If you did happen to enjoy you can follow via. email! I will see you soon with another post!

Love Always, Lucy



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