Hi! My name is Lucy and this is my blog…or at least it is right now. You may notice it says “temporary” at the top. This is because I want to get used to, practice if you will, having a blog before I spend too much money on it, which, knowing me, I will do. Before I get into it I want to put a face to these words…

IMG_0280me (left) Timmy (right)

so funny Lucy

IMG_0279That would be me and my extremely adorable dog.

Why I started this blog. Now its time for me to roll up my sleeves to my hedgehog onesie,yes a hedgehog onesie, and get to writing. This may end up being a quite lengthy post  but bear with me! I’d love to hear feedback or “constructive criticism” from anyone who’d take the time to write it. This blog is going to be about fashion, beauty, food, DIY’s, photography, ect. I plan to write about whatever I want to share, get out there , or even just an outlet for my photos (Figurative Language already! Guys I’m with it.) The reason I’m starting this blog is well… because I want to. Yep, that’s it. No cool ,interesting story about my ansesters or how i grew up on a farm without wifi… nope i just really wanted to.

final1426216190444About me. First off, as I may have demonstrated already, I’m not a very good speller. Considering I’m starting a blog that’s probably something I’m going to have to better myself at. Speaking of something I have to better myself at, photography, I recently bought my first camera and I’m  absolutely loving it so far! I love taking pictures of cars, buildings, anything really! My dad’s friend has be teaching me so that’s been great! Another thing I really love is acting! I love creating characters and bringing the audience to Oz or Wonderland! I have an audition for an Into the Woods play next Sunday so wish me luck!

14262187926061426218677773 (1)1426218565670Thanks so much for reading! Comment if you like! I’d like to hear what you think! I hope I didn’t bore you and you come back to read the next post!

Love Always, Lucy


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