Getting in the Christmas Spirit


As a wise elf once said “CHRISTMAS!!!” This is my favorite (and most wonderful) time of the year! There’s the cozy fires , Aunt Debby’s just wonderful fruit cake, and spending time with the people you love. I happen to celebrate Christmas which is why today post is a Christmas themed post (incase you haven’t guessed already) Now, I’m going to admit in shame that my last post was a Halloween post so you can assume that I’m a little off schedule. With school starting I’ve been a little overwhelmed but now it’s Christmas break and almost a new year so I’m going to try to have a consistent posting schedule.

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Getting in the Christmas Spirit

To be honest here for the past couple years I’ve been having a little bit of a holiday depression. This year though I am pumped for christmas. I’ve been skipping around singing jingle bells in my ugly christmas sweater and probably annoying everyone around me because christmas is only 3 advent calendar chocolates away! If  you’re having a little trouble getting in the christmas spirit this year I’d suggest to stop setting expectations for feeling christmasy and just letting the whiff of christmas come to you!

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Christmas Essentialz

A heart is always nice to have in the Christmas/Holiday season. It comes in quite handy! A smile at a stranger can totally change their mood. For me the Holiday season is about love. Getting it, feeling it, and exerting it.

Another essential equally as important is fluffy socks! This year my friend Clauddia got me a pair of fluffy socks and I love them! If you’re looking for a gift to give someone I think fluffy socks are on everyones list to the big guy whether they know it or not.

EGG NOG! Egg nog is the most important holiday essential of them all! Watching Elf next to the fire with a cup of egg nog is my favorite part of Christmas! May I suggest the Braums egg nog? It blows the rest of the nogs out of the  park.

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 Gift Ideas

When giving people presents I like to come up with a theme and put together a basket of things relating to that theme. For example this year for my Mother I decided to put together a lazy day off kit. I put a fluffy blanket and some really fluffy slippers. Then I added a movie and some face masks. You could also do things like Harry Potter or Star wars if your friend is into a fandom.

Hope you enjoyed this and got some Christmas inspiration! Happy Holidays!

Love Always, Lucy

Trick Or Treating; How Old is too Old


IMG_3138 (2)-2

So I’ve been going threw a little bit of a Harry Potter obsession lately and I decided that for Halloween this year I wanted to be a Hogwarts student to which my mother said “Aren’t you a little to old for trick or treating.” This is when I lectured her about how you can never be to old for anything because then your living life through insecurities. This conversation made me wonder what other people thought about this subject. Naturally, I looked it up online. Most of the people said that the time to stop was between 13 and 14 but I decided that I wanted to ask a different group of people than a bunch of parents worried about their kids dental hygiene. I asked the victims (kids between 13 and 14) what they thought the age limit was for trick or treating.

A whopping 73% of the people that I asked said that your never to old to Trick or treat. Only 13% said you should stop around 13 or 14 and 6% said at age 8 or 9. So go out there ringing door bells with a sheet over your head and live your life! Happy Halloween!

Love Always, Lucy

Lucy’s Library #1: Walk Two Moons & Out of my Mind

IMG_2682 (2)-2

I’m definitely the kind of person that, no matter how many times I’m told not to, judges a book by its cover so if I hadn’t been suggested it I probably never would have picked out Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech. It’s a two part story about an Indian girl named Salamanca on a road trip with her grandparents, (and although I despise road trips even I would like to go on one with her grandparents) while they’re  driving  Salamanca (or Sal) tells the story of a girl named Pheobe who happens to have a very similar story to herself. Although this book is a little slow at first once it got going I couldn’t stop reading! (I may have gotten a little too into it, sniff sniff) This book definitely makes you think and I really enjoyed it!

Once I finished Walk Two Moons I went to the library and check out                 Out of My Mind  by Sharon Draper. Although I just started it it’s already totally changed the way I look at the disabled and I have a feeling once I finish I will be recommending it to everyone!

Love Always, Lucy



Thinking Positive


Yes, I’m that annoying person that gets excited when school starts. I can’t help it! The idea of a brand new year and a fresh start with new opportunities!  Yes, some people see it as more work and having to get up really early, which is true but there’s so much more than just that! There’s opportunity, chances, and learning! So think positive about life! You’d be surprised at what you get out of it!

I really didn’t know what to write for today’s post so I just sat down and started typing, I hope you enjoyed and start thinking in better way!

Love Always, Lucy


IMG_2583 (2)-3Meditation has the reputation of being some weird thing with candles and chanting and maybe even a rosary hanging on the wall but although there is some of that there is so much more to meditation.

I don’t try to transport to past lives or different universes but I do try to meditate everyday. There are so many types of meditation but really there is no right way to meditate. I choose to use meditation to help me have peace of mind and more positive thinking, to do this I use the Headspace app.


With Headspace you start off with a free 10 day program which just teaches you how to get your mind and body in the state of meditation then you can pick the things you want to improve on or be more happier doing whether that be performance, relationships, or even simple things like cooking. There are so many cool features  to Headspace that I could talk about forever but here is a video that probably explains it much better than I do!

Although I haven’t been able to meditate everyday I have been able to stay on it for the most part and I’ve noticed when I do it makes a world of a difference on my mood and how I look at the day! Thank you for reading!

Love Always, Lucy


What I Eat in a Day

IMG_2361 (2)-2Breakfast  

Breakfast is the perfect chance to start off the day right  which is probably why its my favorite (and most important) meal of the day! This is one of my favorite breakfasts to make because it’s so quick yet healthy and delicious at the same time! All I did was toast some gluten free bread and spread my favorite almond butter then topped it off with some cut up strawberries!



As a little snack I decided on some yogurt. I added  Udi’s  gluten free granola for some crunch and I also really like to add blueberries a lot of the time!


This is a new recipe we thought up and it’s absolutely delicious so I thought I’d quickly show you how I made it! First you boil some water and put some noodles in it to soak and cook. Whilst this is happening you put chicken, squash mix (squash, yellow squash, and zucchini) , and   the amount of  gluten free teriyaki sauce you prefer in a skillet on the stove and just toss it around a little bit (to be extremely scientific). When you feel the noodles are done you drain out the water and add the noodles to the skillet with some more gluten free teriyaki sauce and you cook until the noodles are brown-ish (I don’t speak cook) then voila! You have gluten free teriyaki squash meal… (again I don’t speak cook)


I was having a little bit of a craving for a smoothie so I made this tropical greens smoothie that I saw on Mary Elizabeth’s channel.  I made this with spinach, coconut shreds, frozen pineapple, frozen banana (so that you do not need Ice), almond milk, and I would usually decide to also add some Arobonne Essentials protein powder, fiber, and maybe some green balance but I saw  a blog post about some controversy over whether Arobonne essentials is really gluten free so I decided to take a little break on that.


I was a little lazy and in a rush to make it in time to watch  a Spamalot  performance (it was amazingly funny by the way!) so I decided to make a really quick meal and I opted for a baked potato (and I may or may not of taken a bight before I took a picture…)

 IMG_2482-2 IMG_2492-2 IMG_2468-2

Pig Out

At the end of the day I like to pig out a little bit (although the cones do say naturally healthy so it’s justified…right?) and I had some Mediterranean Mint geloto (asdfghjkl) in my favorite brand of gluten free ice cream cones!

 I thought I’d do this post to maybe give you some ideas on what to make or perhaps if it interest you. I may do more of these in the future it depends on what you think so make sure to comment!

Love Always, Lucy

Resting your voice


Recently I’ve been having trouble maintaining a healthy voice whilst participating in an Into the Woods musical production, singing lessons, and just daily shower belting. I thought I’d share some things I’ve discovered that have helped me manage an active voice!

Staying Hydrated This is an obvious, but great one. Drinking lots of water can help you in so many ways physically and mentally!  Also steaming regularly is a great way to keep your vocal chords healthy.

Don’t talk Yes, I’m aware of how dumb this sounds and of how obvious it is but scheduling a monk-like silence every  4 performances or so will let your voice rest.

Teas and honey. Both help with resisting colds which is great! I’ve also found that honey soothes my voice really well. What I like to do is make caffeine free black tea (which obviously also has water in it.) and I add some honey so it kills three birds with one stone and it also taste amazing.  

Tip: The darker the honey the more nutritious!

Avoid caffeine and dairy This can be tough. I’m not much of a coffee or soda person so caffeine isn’t too hard for me but ice cream is tough to say no to. Luckily Almond Dream is a great substitute! Dairy can cause you to have too much phlegm or mucus (eww) which isn’t great while singing.

Those are some things I do to rest my voice, I hope you found this helpful and you put it in action!

Thank you for reading and sticking with me as I learn to improve my blog!

Love Always, Lucy

Baked Apples

You know when people say ” It’s healthy and good.” but really it should just say “It’s healthy…”. This recipe, believe it or not, really is healthy and good! Plus you could get a good Instagram off of these! I’m excited to share how to make these baked apples!

IMG_2017-2Preheat the oven to 350. Cover cookie sheets in aluminum foil. (two apples can fit on each sheet.)

IMG_1988-2 IMG_1991-4

Take a knife and cut the top (and bottom if needed to stand) of the apple off. Then scoop out the insides with a spoon.


At the bottom of the apple put a scoop of almond or hazelnut butter, this is the best part of the apple! Next I like to put blueberries on top of that.

IMG_2004-2 IMG_2008-2

Sprinkle coconut shreds on top of that and on top of that  I like to drizzle honey just to add some moisture.

Put those in for about 20 minutes then you can eat!

IMG_2015-2I love making these because there easy, good for me, and you can really experiment with what you put in the apple! I hope you try these out!

Love Always, Lucy

June Favorites

Welcome back to my  blog! I hope your having a great day, if not then I’m sorry. Hopefully a good ol’ June favorites will cheer you up! ( I haven’t had any caffeine today I promise).

IMG_2038Fashion Favorites  

I have just a tiny bit of an obsession with these boat shoes! I’ve been wanting some boat shoes for a while now and I saw these at Kohls and I swear we made eye contact and it was love at first sight. Unfortunately they didn’t have my size but I ordered it online, no regrets!

Boat Shoes


Beauty Loves

It’s summer so I should be wearing brighter nails which means, naturally, I’m wearing the dullest nails that I can but I love it! This month I’ve loved nude nails! I just like how simple and classy they are! (Wow words!)

I’ve discovered a new chapstick. It works like any other chapstick but what I really like about it is that its gluten free, all natural, and cruelty free which are all very important to me.

I got a new powder this month by Physicians Formula. It is half transparent powder and half fair. I love this powder because it looks so natural yet it still has good coverage. I have kind of been using this as a foundation lately!

Nail Polish  Chapstick  Powder


Other Great Things

In the summer time people tend to forget what the day of the week it is (guilty as charged) but I’ve been using my planner and its really helped me stay on top of everything including knowing whether its Monday or Wednesday.

My new DIY cork board! As you may already know I did a DIY  post over how to make this United States cork board map and I love the extra layer it adds to my room!



I think this will always be a favorite for the rest of time. I just finished the Harry Potter series and I’m in love! If you have not read the harry potter series you need to get on it because J.K Rowling such an amazing, creative author. I just cannot express how good it is.


Although I don’t think any soundtrack will beat Wicked, this month I’ve been exclusively listening to the Into the Woods soundtrack on spotify and I love it! Every song I really enjoy so I really suggest giving it a listen!

Love Always, Lucy